IHS Students Attend Regional Model United Nations (MUN) Conference

Over the past few years, the Model United Nations (MUN) programme has become an increasingly popular elective at IHS. It provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their political awareness in addition to acquisition of skills in presentation, debate, teamwork etc.


We are now planning to increase our participation in regional conferences to help the students benefit from such an exposure. Recently, two of our MUN students had the opportunity to attend a regional MUN conference. Their sharing is included below:


“MUN was an eye opening experience for me. We attended the MUN hosted by Sishu Griha in Bangalore as a spectator. The conferences lasted two days.  We were quite fortunate to have the opportunity of observing the different committees in this MUN.


It was our first time watching an MUN committee in action. The conference was fast-paced and most delegates were well-informed on their subjects. The passionate speakers stood apart from the rest, as they conveyed their views more effectively than others. The delegates were aware of the latest proceedings surrounding the topic and seemed to have dedicated a lot of time researching.


We found the Security Council to be among the more interesting committees. The Security Council focused on the Ukrainian issue and possible solutions that could resolve the issue. Through a discussion, the delegates delved deeper into the various aspects of the issue.


The number of delegates varied in each committees ranging from 20 in the smaller committees to 60 in the larger ones. The committees with fewer participants seemed provided a deeper experience to participants.


Attending such conferences elevates the understanding of different subjects and provides exposure to various global issues. It also helps participants think of possible solutions.


Overall, the MUN was really good. We can’t wait to participate in an MUN as delegates!”

–          Suneet Joshi – Class IX & Dhanush G – Class X