IHS Students Participate in International Day of Yoga Campaign


This year, in celebration of International Day of Yoga, the Isha Foundation worked with schools across the country to highlight the benefits of yoga. As a part of this initiative, thirty Senior School students from IHS volunteered to teach Upa Yoga to various private and government schools in and around Coimbatore. Upa Yoga is a set of seven 5-minute practices that can bring immense mental and physiological benefits to practitioners. Interested students were taught how to impart the yogic practices. As a segway into Upa Yoga, they performed a short, comical skit that illustrated the benefits of yoga.

Experiences & Expressions:

“The response of the children was overwhelming and touched me deeply. All of them took to the practices instantly, sincerely trying to do them properly. They also thoroughly enjoyed the play. Many of the smaller kids huddled around us after the session, looking up at us with eager eyes, all the while enthusiastically asking questions. The experience was one of a kind, the way I was able to connect to these children. I was overjoyed to be a part of such a large scale initiative.”
– Niyutsa Rajesh, Class 10

“We learnt how to present yoga to students who had no idea about yoga, and made an impact on their lives – to the extent that after the session many of the children came up to us to promise us that they will practice their yoga regularly. We also learnt how to tackle problems on the spot – an unexpected power-cut, lack of audio systems and other technical difficulties. It was an unforgettable experience.”
– Uthara Viswanathan, Class 12