IHS Take Part in 5-a-Side Football Tournament at K’Sirs International School

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At very short notice we had received an invitation to particpate in 7th annual Falcony Trophy 5 -a -side football tournament hosted by Ksirs school in Coimbatore.

The preparation for our under 19 team was less than ideal. With the monsoon pouring down relentlessy for more than 10 days in a row , no team practice was possible at all because of the heavily soaked ground. Still we showed up in Coimbatore with confidence in our ability to play the game well. We were proven to be right and cruised comfortably through the stages. After 3 days we found ourselves in the final match of the tournament with a total of 19 teams participating.After leading 1-0 in the first halftime ,unfortunately we conceded 2 goals in the second half and were eventually defeated.

Anath Shankar was awarded as one of the outstanding players of the tournament. With our Under 19 team averaging just above 15 years we are looking forward to grow an even stronger team for the competitions to come.