IHS Take Part in CDCA Chess Tournament in Coimbatore

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Recently thirteen IHS students participated in a chess tournament conducted by the Coimbatore District Chess Association for the first time. Open to people of all ages, the winners of this event would be eligible for state level tournament.

Nine players from Senior School and four from Middle School took part in the tournament. Of these, four participated in “under 17″ category and nine in “under 12″ category. There were 5 rounds in both categories and a total of seventy children inthe “under 12″ category and twenty-five in the “under 17″. As our first attempt in a district level chess tournament, all of our students competed well. Arjun Balamurali won 4 of the 5 matches he played, Ram Satvat won three and drew one, Suganth & Adhvan  won three matches, and Andu Damodaran & Khushi won two matches. Most of the other children won at least one match.

The tournament was a great motivator for the students to continue their zeal for chess and they hope to compete again soon.

A student shares his experience :

It was the 28th of June. I was going to Coimbatore to participate in a regional chess tournament. I was really nervous, as it was my first ever tournament and as all my friends were participating in the “Under-12” tournament, but I had turned 13 a week back, and I was in the “Under-17.”

We got onto the bus at around 8:30, after a heavy breakfast. After the bus started, we were blissfully watching the city go by through the windows. After an hour or so, we finally reached a large hall where the tournament was happening.

We saw people play just for fun and they were simply amazing. I saw a small guy who was laughing while slaughtering his opponent. He was even correcting the people who were helping him!

Finally, the tournament started. I played well (for my level), but I lost every single round. I eventually managed to get one point in the last round because there was no opponent for me to play with and I won by default.

Though I didn’t win, it was definitely a very enjoyable experience for me and I would definitely say “Yes!” if I get the chance to attend another one.

– Arjun Sivakumar, Class 8