IHS Takes Part in Chess Tournament at K’sirs International School

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It was a chilly day and we were all waiting to board the bus to K’sirs International School for a chess tournament. Finally our bus arrived and we boarded it with excitement written all over our faces. Vrrmm…Vrrmm… Our bus took off…
At 9 a.m. sharp our bus pulled up at the school. The school was glittering like a rainbow because of all the decorations which added to the glamour of the event. We got off the bus and moved towards the registration tables. After we finished registering we waited for the pairing to happen. There were 7 categories from under seven to under seventeen. Finally the time arrived for the tournament to start.
I was nervous, indeed very nervous. But once the matches started I got off to a flying start. Guess what? I won four out of five of my matches! I was surprised that I did so well. Then we all watched a video about the school, and got crazy certificates. For dinner we ate at Pizza Hut and returned back to school after a great day out.  
– Ram Satvat , Class 8