IHS Teams Tie for First Place at Game Jam Titans 2016 – Coimbatore


Eight IHS students participated in the Game Jam Titans regional competition held in Coimbatore on 12th August. Game Jam is a game development competition open to school students, sponsored by NASSCOM and MindBox India. Participants are given a theme seven days prior to the event day, based on which they need to develop a game relevant to the given theme. This year’s theme: rain and/ or money. The students divided into two teams. One team created a game based on the theme money, in which a player has to take on the role of a businessman and put up shops in a strategic manner to earn maximum profit. The other team opted for the theme rain, in which a player is a paper man escaping the perils of rain. As he is made from paper, he can transform into a paper airplane and other shapes as and when needed. Both teams tied for first, and they have been invited to attend the NASSCOM Game Development Conference happening in Hyderabad later this year.