IHSMUN Students Attend CoMUN 2014

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A delegation of 10 students from Isha Home School left for Bangalore on the 29th of July to attend CoMUN 2014 at the Bishop Cotton Boys School in Bangalore. The students represented the countries of Greece and Ireland in a variety of committees. The sessions were held on the 30th of July and the 1st of Aug, as there was a citywide bundh (strike) on 31st July. The days were packed. At the end of the conference, 3 IHS students were given a special mention.


One delegate shares his experience:


When I got out of the van at Bishop Cotton Boys School, there was hardly any sign of life. We were among the first participants of CoMUN 2014 to have arrived all suited up and ready to go. It was my third MUN and by far the best one. Our preparation began several weeks prior with Swami Jataja loading us with documents from the UN charter. They were very relevant but highly complicated in terms of the English language. I enjoyed sitting down with my younger comrades teaching them about resolutions and position papers.


The committee I attended was a Secret Society consisting of all the international military heads. I represented Greece. Being in a continuous crisis committee, every minute was precious and valuable. I came to realize this only a little later into the conference. Overall, it was an incredible experience.


– Sundareswaran, XI