Isha Home School Students Embark on a Voyage to the United States


I was off on an adventure to a land in a continent I had never been before, an adventure I was going to enjoy thoroughly. It all began in the early hours of the morning of 13th April 2016 at Bangalore Kempagowda Airport where 7 students from middle and senior school along with our Academic Games coach, Swami Jataja, took a flight to reach Atlanta via London. We had been meticulously preparing almost every day for over a year in school for the Academic Games tournament in which we were going to participate. We were joined by 5 more students in USA. First, we drove up to Tennessee and dwelt in the welcoming, warm Isha Institute for Inner Sciences (IIIS). We prepared hard for the tournament but also enjoyed a small trip to Cumberland Caverns, Creek Falls and a trek to the cool, calm waterfalls of the natural cascades at IIIS.

After spending 4 days there, we drove to Detroit for matches against Bates academy, the school in which Swami Jataja studied. Then, we were back to Atlanta for the actual tournament. I was initially nervous, and I couldn’t distract myself. My teeth chattered, and I had cold feet. We stayed at the grand Hotel Marriott Marquis in Atlanta; the luxury of which was unparalleled.  We attended the opening ceremony for the tournament at 5 pm that evening and moved on to a game of logic called Wff ‘n Proof. The next morning, we had a game of language called Linguishtik and then a math game called On-Sets which is based on set theory. Following that was another game of math called Equations. After a good night’s sleep, we repeated the schedule to close the last two rounds of the games. We played very well and made lots of friends.

Thereafter, we had a local tour of Atlanta by visiting the World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Martin Luther King Jr Centre and Fernbank Museum. We had the time of our lives.

I thank Isha Home School for giving me this opportunity.

– By Praajita, Middle School student.