JS Visits Grape Farm

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On the 21st of September, we the Juniors School students of Isha Home School, went on a field trip to a grape farm. This farm covers an area of 8 acres. The owner, Mr. Gounder, took us on a tour around his massive farm. We learnt that there are over 200 varieties of Muscat Grapes. Mr. Gounder grows,” Muscat Hammber Grapes” on his farm.This variety is otherwise known as,”Paneer Thirachai.” He also has two wells, one of which is 200 hundred years old, and an in built temple on his farm. In addition to this, we got an opportunity to feast our eyes with so many other plant varieties like the Papaya tree, Lemon tree, Banana Plants etc. To add to the excitment we also had a feast of sweet and juicy grapes. To conclude, I would say it was one of the best field trips I have ever been on.

– Bharathi , JS student