Junior School Children Visit Maharaja Theme Park



On June 6th, the junior school students had the privilege of going to Maharaja Theme Park. The park included both wet and dry activities. The first part of the day was spent at the water park, which included slides and pools. Most of the juniors braved the big water slides and were constantly looking for second opportunities to ride them. The park was also for the less adventurous little ones, with a collection of different pools of varying depth so that they could splash the water around as they pleased.

The best part of the morning came at the wave pool, where juniors and teachers alike tried ride the waves as best as they could with varying success. Then a group photo was taken and then we broke for lunch.

After lunch, we played a little more in the water, and then came the teachers’ chance to have a little fun. Teachers went on different kinds of water slides including one that went up and came down. Then they experienced something called a ‘toilet bowl’ where they would slide down a tube and into a whirlpool that would then spin them back into the pool below.

Then came the dry rides, which included bumper cars, spinning mushrooms and other fun roller coasters. Juniors had to be controlled near the bumper cars, as everyone wanted a turn. Most of them enjoyed a ride called ‘Sumo Wrestler’ which was a ride that slowly took you forward then back and forward and back until you reached a certain height and then would slowly come down.

After an eventful time at the park, the juniors wanted to fill their tummies with good food, which they got in the form of ghee roasts and a variety of chutneys.
After eating to their hearts content the juniors were ready to go back to school to begin their first day of class.