Junior School Hindi Students Enthrall the Audience



The Junior School Hindi classes performed two wonderful HIndi drama assemblies last week. The children, raging in ages from 5-9 years old, did an amazing job with acting and speaking in Hindi.

First, on Jan 31st, was “Natkhat Chuha”, an adaptation of an old folk tale written by the Hindi teachers. The story was about a mouse who made a bet with his friends that he would one day sit on the king’s throne. He goes about threatening many people to get this done including a shop keeper, a washer man, tailor, an accessories man, an old lady and, finally, the king.

He warns each of them that if they refuse to do what he asks, he will come with his army of mice at night and reek havoc by chewing their belongings. He cleverly tells the king he will chew his ears and eventually sits upon the throne in the end.

The second presentation, on February 4th, included a humorous poem and a monologue about the pressure imposed on children to get good marks in school and one short skit.

The poem begins with “Oh papa, mujhe ek gadha de do,” meaning “Oh father, get me a donkey to carry my books!” The monologue adds: “Sabke muhn par eak hiie mantra hei — 90%, 90%”
meaning “Everybody has only one chant on their lips – 90%, 90%.”

The audience rolled with laughter at the skit featuring one intelligent but mischievous child who only spent time learning about cows. A school inspector quizzes her on her knowledge of many subjects and she relates each one to cows, much to his frustration. Each answer ended in the same rhyme about her beloved cow.

Here is what she says about trains.
“Train choo choo choo choo jati hai. Hum train se bahar dekhte hai. Bahar khet dikhti hai. Khet mein ghass hai. Ghass kaun khata hai? “Gaay”

Gaay hamari mata hai
Uske char pair hain
Uske do seengh hain
Uske do kaan hai
Uskee ek puchhi hai
Aur gaay kachara khati hai


As the train goes ‘choo choo choo’, we look outside and we can see farms, and there is grass on the farm, and who eats grass? A Cow!

Cow is our mother
It has four legs
It has two horns
It two ears
It has one tail
And it eats garbage…

The Hindi department puts on one Hindi drama per term in both Junior School and Middle School classes. They have generated many wonderful scripts and memorable performances while creating meaningful educational experiences for the students.