Juniors Day Out!

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After a month of settling into the activities in school, the juniors were off on another field trip.

The wonderful rainy and windy climate provided an opportunity for the older Junior School students to study various aspects of weather. Among the aspects covered, the students were introduced to the instruments used to measure weather. As an extension of this they visited the TNAU Agro Climate Research Center in Coimbatore. The students observed and studied about instruments such as the rain gauge, anemometer, wet and dry thermometer, hygrometer and barometer. It was truly an informative visit!

While the older students were visiting the Climate Research Center, the younger students enjoyed an outing to the Coimbatore Zoo. To say that they were excited is an understatement! They could hardly wait to get off the bus to visit the animals that call the Coimbatore Zoo their home. Off the many animals there, the favourites were the dancing peacock, the crocodiles, the bats, the humongous pelicans, the owls, the eagles, the samba and spotted deers and of course the variety of snakes. To add icing on the cake they even went on a short train ride around the zoo. It was a delightful trip and the students were eager to see more!