Kathak Lec-Dem by Esha Wadnerkar and Vishakha Shidhaye



The audience at Isha Home School had a delightful visual experience on the morning of 4 August. A dance duo from Mumbai enthralled the students and teachers alike with their skilful Kathak performance. Esha, a young professional theatre artist who has more than 400 Marathi and Hindi stage shows to her credit and Vishakha, a trained interior designer, have been persuing classical Kathak Dance of Banaras Gharana as their passion for more than 15 years.

Starting the presentation with a small introduction on the origin of Kathak, Esha performed a Krishnavandana, salutations to Lord Krishna. It was followed by a presentation of Teen Taal which included That, Amad, Paran etc as per the tradition of Kathak. Excellent footwork and amazing composition of chakkars (spins) were greatly enjoyed by the audience.

Vishakha performed a fast beat Tarana with wonderful footwork. Esha concluded the program with a piece of Nritya/Abhinaya. The various moods of the Nayika (Heroine) were portrayed with great skill and exuberance. Both the artists also are currently conducting a dance workshop with the junior school.