Lec-Dem on the History of Carnatic Music



4-Jul: IHS was treated to a lec-dem/ concert on the History of Carnatic Music by the Karnatic Music Forum, Chennai Chapter. The lec-dem was led by the convener of the Music Forum, Kalaimamani Dr. S Sunder, a multi-faceted personality – a practicing doctor, a performing musician, and a television anchor. Accompanying him were Shri V. V. Ravi on the violin, Shri Babu on the mridangam, Shri Rajagopal on the kanjira, and vocalist Ms. Keerthana.

In ​its​ mission to promote Carnatic music across generations, ​the forum​ has undertaken several initiatives, one of which is visiting schools to introduce and explore the nuances of Carnatic music. The lec-con which spread over roughly two hours was a sort of amalgam of a concert and a lec-dem, and took the audience on a musical journey from the time of the vedas to present-day. In tracking the evolution of what started as pan-Indian musical form, the audience participated in a musical conversation in which they were introduced to eminent composers and were treated to several forms / examples of Carnatic music including divya prabandham, thevaram, ashtapadi, padams, varnams, kritis and keerthana.

Dr. Sunder also gifted the school a copy of his book ‘FAQs in Carnatic Music’.