Visit to the Regional Science Centre



On the 18th of July, the automobile and science TED students went to the regional science museum of Coimbatore to understand what our TED is about and to get an idea about what we are going to do. The science TED students decided on what type of experiments they will do based on the ideas they got from the museum. In the museum they were entranced by the experiments that had been done and were kept on display: the Infinity Pool and Foucault’s Pendulum. They learned how these simple objects and theories they used every day can make such interesting, complex, beautiful and of course, mind blowing experiments. Meanwhile, the automobile TED students explored the different type of gears and machines that had been opened and made easy to understand. After racking their brains, having fun and exploring all of the park, the teachers treated the students with a trip to Hot Chocolate after all their hard work of processing so much new information. All in all, the students enjoyed their trip to the science park and are looking forward to doing the experiments and taking apart machinery.