Middle School Performs Prose by Premchand

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The  Middle School  Hindi  students  enjoyed  exploring  some well-known short stories by the renowned Hindi writer  Munshi  Premchand  and  enacted two of them in assembly.

The first story, “Idgah”, was aptly staged  on July 17th, on the eve of Eid. The story depicts a poor orphaned boy, Hamid, who lives with his grandmother. The story takes place on Eid, and beautifully conveys the boy’s love for his grandmother.

On 24th July,  yet another gem from Premchand was staged entitled “Pariksha,” in which an aged minister wishes to retire, but must find a suitable successor to take his place. Many vie for his position. He cleverly puts the prospective applicants to a test, and, in the process, finds the apt replacement.

The audience was truly moved by the superbly executed performances.