Middle School Visits Black Thunder Theme Park


The MS students were in a for a beginning-of-term treat – a trip to Black Thunder! Though many students had visited the theme park before, they were happy to go again. On the morning of 6th June, the students – pumped with adrenaline – rushed to the dining hall, gobbled down their food and ran to the bus eager to get going. After a seemingly never-ending bus journey of singing, laughing and the incessant “are we there yet?” they finally reached.

Once they exited the bus, they clambered toward the changing room where they left their belongings, and set out to enjoy the rides. They started off on the dry rides. Then, came the wet rides, which the students thoroughly enjoyed, especially the wave pool. They also devoured their lunch at a Keralite restaurant. After all the fun, the day came to an end and the students sadly took leave of Black Thunder and hit the sack.

– Vidhata & Ashwin

Experiences and Expressions

Two rides were my favourite. In the first one, ‘Columbus’, we had to sit in a curved dragon shaped rider which swung rapidly from side to side. In such rides, sitting in the last row is the best, and I sat there. The second ride was called ‘Cannon Ball’, where you had to walk up a slope to the top of a swirly curly dark tunnel. I sat on my sheet, pushed myself and closed my eyes for three seconds and then I was in the air for about five seconds before I fell into the pool. It was an awesome experience.

– Kaushic

I was in a tunnel of darkness – a maze of curves, twists and drops – going at an immense speed. My heart raced and all I could hear was the air rushing around my ears. Aaaaaaaah! Another drop. My heart skipped a beat. Suddenly I could see light and then two seconds later I was in mid-air, my arms flailing about uncontrollably, before I dropped into a pool of water. The ride equally thrilled and scared me. I went on the ride once more, then twice, then thrice until I got tired.

– Siddarth