Middle School’s Breath-Taking ‘Black Thunder’ Experience

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“Bluff!” called out one of my friends while we were playing the card game on our three-hour bus ride to Black Thunder, a mega water theme park in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore. After the game, I fell asleep and before I knew it, we were there. We reached close to noon, so we started with a delicious lunch and then headed off to the water slides. First, we went on a U slide, shaped like a U but not exactly vertical. One minute I was sitting on a donut tube float and next minute… Aaahhhh! I was going down so fast that I couldn’t breathe. That was literally a breath-taking ride!

Next, we went on “Two-Men-Ride,” a snake ride, which was like a river with many twists and turns. Two people could go at once, so my friend and I got to go together. We kept hitting the rocks on the sides. It was so much fun that we went again. After that, we went in a volcano pool. There was a mini volcano in a big pool where you could keep sliding down. That was tremendous fun! Last, but not least, was the wave pool. It was a large pool that generated ocean-like waves. We moved up and down just like a ball floating on the surface. We ended our trip with a delicious mouth-watering snack- mango juice, veg puff and ice cream! All in all, I had a great time at Black Thunder and I’ll never forget it.

Maya, Middle School student

It was a day of everlasting fun. We went through an illusion tunnel where we felt the walkway flipping over. But, the wave pool was the best. The waves crashed into you in both a pleasant and rough way.

-Cibikumar, Middle School student

Although there were so many rides, my favourite was “Mini Hurricane.” We went on a ride called “Pendulum” which looked scary but was actually fun. It was this skating stunt kind of place, and we had to ride down it. I really enjoyed it. Next, came the volcano pool which was also great. I also enjoyed “Two-Men-Ride” which was shaped like a snake- scary at first, but fun when you try it.

Smrithi Shridharan, Middle School student

Aaah! I felt like I was going to crash (but actually, I was having limitless fun.) I raised my hands and screamed full of joy. SPLASH! I was soaked with water like a sponge!

Khushi Runwal, Middle School student

The most terrifying ride was “The Water Pendulum.” I was so petrified that I tightly grabbed the handle of my tube until my hands ached. When we went to a wave pool, the waves pushed us hard. It was amazing, indeed. I had a marvellous time splashing and laughing with my friends.

Jayavarshaa, Middle School student

I hardly could wait to go on the rides. When I looked at the water slide, I felt scared and excited at the same time. Finally, it was my turn and I pushed off. Soon, I was going really fast down the slide. My tummy jumped up and down when there was a drop.

Nandana, Middle School student