‘ Mind Mingle ‘ Visits IHS

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Recently,┬áMind Mingle, a Dehli-based organisation, facilitated an opportunity for more than thirty school leaders to visit Isha Home School. Mind Mingle’s mission is to “create opportunities for overall development of a school, to help school students use their maximum potential and study through experiential learning and for school leaders to improve quality education.” The meeting of like-minded individuals proved enriching for both the participants and the teachers in school. After an introduction and initial question and answer session about Isha Home School the previous day, school leaders were eager to see what the school offered and catch a glimpse of its picturesque campus. The day began with classroom observations in both junior and middle school sections of the school. This was followed by a tour of Gnanashala, the senior school building, which many commented was “a wonderfully unique and spacious learning environment.” Participants proceeded to have an in-depth question and answer session with heads of departments as well as administrators. The visit concluded with a special lunch in Cafe Maatu Mane, the aesthetic on-campus “hangout” for seniors and teachers. “We were thoroughly impressed with the school and appreciated the open and candid interactions with teachers,” shared co-founder Shakeel Ahmad. “We are looking forward to future collaboration with Isha Home School.”