MS Celebrates Plant Day


On August 30th, all the Middle Schoolers braced themselves for another day of class. Little did they know that they were in for a surprise! When they entered the Middle School block, they were surprised to see a chalkboard saying “Middle schoolers, are you ready to hunt?” Confused, they assembled in Manoranjita for the morning’s assembly, thinking they were about to take a science test. Shakti anna told them to go to their houses and wear their tracks. Confused yet again by the change, the MS students quickly changed and came back. Then the teachers announced that they were going to have a scavenger hunt! The MS students had to locate different types of plants around the school campus. For each plant they found, they would get a point, and if they could name the plant, they would get bonus points. After listening to the rules, the children immediately ran around the school looking for the plants that they needed. After 35 minutes of scavenging around the school, the students returned triumphant.

Soon after, they changed into formals and returned to watch a documentary…. or at least that’s what they thought. They assembled in front of all the four houses and patiently waited for Sundar anna to tell them what to do next. Soon, he arrived and informed them to proceed to Suryakanti. Curious of what was going to happen, many students ran quickly to Suryakanti and were surprised to see that the entire place was transformed into a fair! A Plant fair! There were many stalls with different activities like face painting, games, a writing corner and many art stalls. Games like Taboo, Hangman, Around the World, and Memory were recreated with an educational twist – they were all related to plants! The children had a great time getting their faces painted and visiting all the stalls.

In the middle of all their fun, they had a quick juice and snack break. Not wasting any time, they rushed back to Suryakanti to continue from where they left off.

At 1pm, Ramya akka announced that lunch was happening at Mandara. Since it was Plant Day, our menu consisted of food items made from different parts of a plant. The salad was made using broccoli flower, Kootu was made using banana stem, spinach sambar featured succulent leaves, potato fry represented the roots, and of course, rice – which is a seed of a grass species.

After eating a scrumptious meal, they were asked to assemble in Akashmalli to watch Episode 2 of The Private Life of Plants, a BBC nature documentary on how plants grow and meet their requirements. To add icing on the cake, for snacks, the teachers had a ‘name that bajji’ contest where students had to guess the ingredient inside each bajji – which included celery, plantain, tomato, karpooravalli leaf and potato. Overall the MS students had a great time exploring the secrets of plants!!!

– Nandana and Araj
I slowly walked toward the Save the Tree stall at the plant fair. I could hear someone asking Sunil anna, “What was the word?”

“It’s a secret,” was Anna’s reply.

When I was near the stall, on the white board I saw a picture of a tree. Anna asked me if I wanted to take a shot at the newly modified version of hangman, Save the Tree. I agreed and quickly revised my plant terms as the game was based on plant terms. There were two other people at the stal – Srivanth, my best friend, and Deepak Raam. We were one of the only people who managed to even win two words in our tries in the original version of the game.

“How do you play?” I asked anna.

“Simple. it’s like hangman but if you get a wrong letter I wipe off the branch and you have 2 minutes.”

The 3 of us teamed up and the game started; we were on. “A?” I questioned. Anna wrote it on the fifth and seventh boxes of the seven letter word. Barely anyone had gone this far.  We were on the third word with 4 chances and 30 seconds. Srivanth chose “I” and guess what? One more branch was erased. “S” I chose and anna wrote it on the first box. “T,” I chose and anna wrote it on the second and sixth box. 5 seconds left, this made the difference.

“STOMATA” I shouted. Suddenly the stall was in pin drop silence. Then, all 3 of us jumped at the same time, high fiving and congratulating each other.  We were the champions!

– Mugilan

I sprinted as fast as my legs could move to Suryakanti. As I entered the house, a sign greeted me: “Welcome to the Plant Fair!” I was told that a documentary was going to be played here; not that I believed Sundar anna very much. I walked towards the lawn. A bell rang in my head, “It is Plant Day!”

– Ashwin

My body shivered as the paint brush touched my arm. I took deep breaths as I wondered how it was going to look. Were others going to tease me? Will they like it? I was continuously peeking and blinking at my arm which was being painted by Arun anna. When he was done, I saw a long brown stem drawn on my clear arm with green leaves. Then, he added a few blue dots. Assuming they were buds, I insisted, “Where are the fruits?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about the fruits. For the fruits, we’ll use red,” came the reply.

I smiled as soon as Arun anna said he was done. Initially, the arm painting felt very abstract to me. Later, it looked stupendous and was the best thing I experienced during Plant Day!

– Vedant