MS Goes to the Polls


Since 5 states in India were going for elections in March, the Middle School decided to introduce a civic study on the election process. In this article, students recount their experience.

On the 10th of February, Prabha akka, our class teacher, presented an assembly in which we learnt about how elections are conducted, the different people who are involved, and some rules and regulations. Towards the end of the assembly, we were told that we were to participate in a mock election, and we had the option of signing up for a particular role. We could choose from being a part of the media, Election Commission, a political party or remain an active citizen. There was a buzz of excitement and all of us eagerly signed up.

The next day, everyone went to their respective venues and began the role play. While the political parties were formed and started to develop their ideas, the Election Commission began organizing the entire election process. The media team came up with questions and interviewed people, keeping us updated on the MS Election process. The active citizenry came up with issues they were facing in IHS that they wished to see addressed by the political parties.

There were three political parties –

The Celebrated Liberal Party (CLP), whose leader was Maya, and whose candidate was Srivanth.

Middle School Liberators (MSL), whose leader was Vidhata and whose candidate was Nandana.

People’s Party of All Power (PPAP), whose leader was Madavan and whose candidate was Araj.

Over the next few days, the four MS houses were converted into either an Election commission office or a political party headquarters, with each house getting its own banner. Parties started campaigning and set up banners and distributed pamphlets canvassing for votes. They also worked very hard discussing key issues coming up with thier manifestoes.

Once the manifestoes were released, the active citizens analyzed them trying to decide whom to vote for. The candidates were given a time slot of 5 minutes to address the crowd and they also had a question & answer session where the audience could question their promises. The speeches by all the three candidates were powerful to say the least. After this, the Chief Election Commissioner announced that campaigning should stop 48 hours before polling. The Election Commission distributed voter IDs to all the citizens (4th graders, all MS students, 12th graders and teachers).

We couldn’t wait for the day of polling. On 18th February, the Middle Schoolers excitedly went to the polling booth. When we got to the polling booth, we had to show our Voter ID for verifying our identity. We were then given a ballot paper, on which we could choose our party by stamping next to the symbol of our chosen party. We also got a mark on our Index finger to ensure that we voted only once.

On the last day of elections, the party leaders and candidates, presented a speech acknowledging the various members involved in facilitating the election process. The most awaited part was here… Who won the elections? The election commission announced the votes for each party. 5 voted for NOTA, 40 for MSL, 42 for PPAP, and CLP won with 52 votes!

The candidate of CLP, Srivanth, presented his winning speech. At the end of the assembly, we got cake to celebrate the culmination of the unit. All in all, the experience of the MS Elections was phenomenal!

– by Vishnu & Sanjeev
Student Sharings:

“For the manifesto of my party, I worked really hard to make one that everyone would like and support. First, our party brainstormed all the difficulties that we face on a daily basis. Then, we found answers to these issues and wrote down key points. I even skipped my games time. We did not know that this manifesto was going to make such a big difference in the minds of the voters, but it did, and we won the MS Elections!”

– Srivanth, CLP Candidate

“As I started to think who to vote for, I decided to vote for MSL. Then, as I went to the Dining Hall, someone said that MSL had violated the rules two times. Then I thought, How will a party that cannot follow the rules make any good changes when they form the government? So, I went on to choose between CLP and PPAP. I recalled the manifesto of PPAP which said they’ll put more trash cans to reduce plastic. But, how does that help? I thought. Then, I knew I’d made the right choice. I voted for CLP.“

– Malhar

“Seven of us gathered in the computer lab discussing who would lead us, who would be the Chief Election Commissioner. Three of us vied for the position. So our committee, along with Rishi anna from XII grade, Sunil anna and Sakthi anna decided that we would have to share why we wanted to be chief.

When it was my turn, I was scared out of my guts. I didn’t know what to say but I mustered all the courage I could gather and started, “It has been my dream since Junior School. Since the last time MS elections happened, I had wanted to be part of the Election Commission. Joining the Election Commission, becoming the host of the elections, would be a dream come true for me.” I spoke for less than a minute, but it made an impact.

I ran back to my seat and started to do my work, making the voter’s registration forms. At 1:45pm, the news arrived – I was chosen as the chief. I was overjoyed! I promised to take up my duty sincerely and to uphold the respectability of the MS 2017 Mock Elections.“

– Vaishali