MS Got Talent


After three weeks of intense waiting, on the night of 9th September, all the MS students gathered in Suryakanti for the entirely student-led event ‘MS Got Talent’. There was a lot of excitement in the air as students put up several entertaining acts which included piano recitals, melodious songs, rhythmic dances, demos and even a hilarious skit.

The fun started with a hip-hop dance performance by a group of MS girls.

“I had a lot of fun dancing and I look forward to the next MS Got Talent!” exclaimed Nidhi, one of the dancers.

Another talent showcased was origami.  Sthanu and his friend Vedant, showcased a series of origami objects, and even raced to see who could complete a specific origami piece.  Vedant made a swan while Sthanu made a talker.

“The objects they made out of paper were outstanding,” shared Siddarth.

Another talent that was featured and that amazed everyone was the solving of a Gear Cube.  Suchir solved an utterly complicated cube within 51 seconds!  Everyone was left speechless.

“I never even knew that this type of cube existed,” quoted Vaishali.

Srivanth and Co. put up a hilarious skit which was met with a thunderous applause.

This was followed by the MS students being called upon to save their snacks. Oh, sorry, their secret snacks.  Siddarth and Yadhunandan introduced their very own video game called, Save the Secret Snacks using the computer programming language Scratch.

“I had a lot of fun playing the game and the foods on the screen tempted me!” remarked Nalin, who played the game.

To top it off, students were treated to a delicious brownie along with vanilla ice cream.  All in all, the Middle schoolers enjoyed performing their acts and look forward to the next edition.

–          Nidhi and Vaishali


I was first in line, and freaked out at the speed at which the anchoring was being done. The MCs finished with “Let’s welcome Vidhata and Co!” and we were on. Oh my God! As if I was frozen and just put into a microwave, I started to move. We took our positions. The only thing I could see was my friends’ and my reflection on the big TV screen we were facing with our back to the audience. A voice echoed in my head. “You might make a fool of yourself,” it taunted. I was going to prove the dumb voice wrong. The song ‘Watch Me Whip’ played and we started to dance and I started to feel more confident. We didn’t do such a bad job. It wasn’t that scary, after all!

–          Shravya


Hilarious dramas and jokes, awesome singing and music, amazing dancing and twirling – all in one night! Even though I didn’t perform, it was still excellent sitting in the audience. At the end of the spectacular show, there was an incredible ice cream party. In small cups, they gave us a brownie with chocolate chip frosting with two scoops of ice cream. In the center of the brownie was some creamy caramel syrup. I will never ever forget this night of fun and laughter.

–          Ayan


MS Got Talent – a remarkable talent show put up by MS students to unravel their hidden talents. For this show, I decided to sing a song. After a piano recital by Azara, it was our turn. Heeya and I were to sing ‘Nights’ by Avicii.

“Heeya! I am nervous,” I muttered, trembling with fear.

“It’s ok. Chill,” she consoled me.

“What if we mess up Avicii?” I asked.

“We won’t mess up and even if we do, it’s fine,” she said with a confident look which made me feel better.

A wave of courage ran through me. My fear melted.  A voice boomed through Suryakanti saying, “Let’s hear it for ‘Nights’ by Avicii performed by Heeya and Sahana!”

As I got up and walked towards the mic, two voices quibbled in my head. One said, “Do your best. You are going to do well.” The other one said, “What if you fail miserably? Oh my gosh!”

I could not stand the thought. I pushed it aside and reassured myself, “Calm Down.”

Then a quote ran through my head: “Always do your best when you plant. You will harvest later.”

I kept on thinking about this quote and before I knew it, it was the last line of the song. As Heeya and I sang the last line of the song, ‘My Father Told Me’ in unison, a loud roar of cheer and applause erupted from the audience. We sank back into our spots and gave a fist bump to each other.

“Good job, buddy,” I murmured to Heeya.

“You too,” she hissed back.

–          Sahana