MS Journey Along the Coromandel Coast

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Yes! Finally! We started our week long field trip on the night of March 3rd 2015. At our first destination, Chidambaram, we visited Pichavaram, the world’s second largest Mangrove forest, after the Sundarbans. We took a ride through the canals in small motorboats. Though it was a hot day, we felt cool in the shade of the Mangroves. The Mangroves are so sensitive, their growth stops for 15 days if you touch them! That evening, we visited the humongous Nataraja temple.

The following day, we left for Auroville which was 50km away. First, we went for a walk in the ‘Green Belt’ of Auroville which is actually a forest. Our guide explained how the ecosystem worked and the different trees that grew there. It was amazing. Next, we became acrobats! We participated in a circus activity where we did some amusing activities like cartwheels and rope climbing. We also attended the ATB session (Awareness through the Body), where we played attention and coordination games.

Pondicherry was our third stop. Shri Aurobindo Handmade Paper Factory was incredible. The factory made paper from waste hosiery cloth! There was a showroom where we bought a lot of their products.

We were all very excited to go to Promenade Beach, only to find a mere 3 metres of sand and 3 metres of boulders before the ocean. But, we purchased bubbles and blew them just by lifting the sticks up and Voila! The sea breeze made hundreds of bubbles. We filled the street in front of the Chief Secretariat’s building with bubbles. It was our way of saying, “Happy Holi!”

Next, we went to Mahabalipuram, where we saw the Shore Temple and a relief sculpture called Arjuna’s Penance. The Shore Temple looked completely washed out and Arjuna’s Penance had a few jokes hidden in it! But, both had intricate carvings before getting eroded. We also watched a 7D show of the Pallavas.

The last leg of our journey was to the city of Chennai. We went to Dakshinachitra where we saw different traditional houses of South India and a puppet show. Our next stop was Kalakshetra, the dance school and the Egmore Museum, both of which we enjoyed. That evening, we visited Pizza Hut – YUMMM!

One night, we went on a turtle walk to spot Olive Ridley turtle eggs. We found three dead turtles and a lovely turtle nest. I was amazed. There were 141 eggs! On the morning of 10th March, we reached school. All in all, it was a fabulous trip!

–          Arjun Sivakumar, Middle school student