MS performs “The Prince and the Pauper”



It all started at the beginning of February when we were introduced to a novel written by Mark Twain for our book study, it was called The Prince and the Pauper. Another surprise came in our drama class when we found out that we were going to put up a production based on the novel that we were studying!
First there were auditions which were held by the director, Amishi akka. We went through many stages of eliminations and callbacks, until we had the final cast! We, Ritvikka and Vidhata, were privileged to receive the lead roles of the play, the prince, and the pauper!
Right after the auditions we started rehearsals which were very intense but at the same time lots of fun! The rehearsal went on for a month and a half where we were being coached mostly by Avanti (assistant director), Gur anna and Amishi akka. Then from the 10th of March we joined the lighting, music, and stage management teams, and we collaborated to fix minor details and technical issues.
On March 13th we were given our amazing costumes which were made with lots of hard work by Amrith akka. We tried on our costumes and had our first dress rehearsal. On 14 March, we had our final dress rehearsal which turned out to be a success. Finally 16 March was show day! We performed to JS and MS; they loved it. But it wasn’t over yet because we still had another day of performance. We were expecting a full house and indeed it was! That night was a night to remember, the whole cast, crew, and music team put their heart and soul into everything they did which made that performance truly spectacular. As the audience left Tarana with big smiles on their faces, we all hoped they would not forget this night because we wouldn’t too. But this show would not be possible without the help of so many people who worked hard behind the scenes. We would like to say a big thank you to them. We feel privileged to have acted the main roles in this production. It was a mind-blowing experience.
– Vidhata & Ritvikka

Students’ Sharings:

This music orchestra was the biggest music group MS has ever had till now. The auditions were held after the drama auditions, in Suryakanthi. Everyone was really eager to be a part of it. The auditions, conducted by our music director, Anandhi Akka and Alice Akka, consisted of playing the recorder, the drums, and a little bit of singing here and there. To everyone’s great fortune, they all made it through! The MS orchestra now consisted of 15 people. The rehearsals then began and went on every day from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. It was ridiculously tiring but our efforts paid off in the end when we, after a month of practice, put up an amazing show! We were so happy to receive comments like, “It sounds like it is being played like a recording!”
But of course, when something starts, it has to end. And so did our music group. Anandhi akka was so pleased with our performance. We surely did learn a lot from this experience.
– Ashwin & Shatvica.

17 March was the big day! The ashram, samskriti and a few other guests were gathered in the house [house is a professional and theatrical way to say hall]. People were chatting, cameras were being set up, and I nervously watched all of this happen. All the last minute touch ups were going on. Finally, Anandhi akka cued the music team. Everybody was ready to start. I was given the role of Princess Elizabeth. I got to wear a poofy dress, fancy jewellery, a very fancy bonnet, and of course a lot make-up. As I went on stage, a prickle went down my spine. What if I mess up? What if I trip? What if I stutter or forget my lines? All these thoughts were floating around in my mind. But once I uttered my lines, I did feel like Princess Elizabeth.
– Aradhana.

I have never had such an amazing time working on a performance. The days I’ve spent with everyone rehearsing was an experience I will never forget. I was back stage waiting for my cue when I suddenly realized that a chair was supposed to be put center stage for me to sit on. I panicked. I always did when something was missing or something was not in place. It’s alright, I said to myself as I limped onto the stage as Miles Hendon, an accomplice to the prince dressed in rags. I really have a vague memory of what happened after that. I guess I did better than what I expected to. All in all, the MS drama was a memorable experience.
– Alisha.