MS Pick and Cook


As part of our science unit, the middle schoolers visited a farm called Pick ‘n Cook on the 9th of August. The aim was to prepare our own food right from harvest to washing the veggies to cutting and finally cooking our meal. We were divided into different groups. The vegetables were harvested by the first team. The next team then washed all of them and sent it to the cutting team. With a lot of effort, all the vegetables were cut and the whole middle school came together to cook the meal. This was the menu: tomato soup, rice, radish sambar, ladies-finger curry, cauliflower fry, papad, vada, curd rice, carrot+mango pickle and payasam. Before we ate our meal, we had a long relaxing time. We played various games and also petted the farm animals. Finally, we had delicious, natural and perfectly home-made lunch. It was surely a memorable experience for all of us.
– Alisha

Student sharing:
I was in the harvesting team. We got to harvest brinjal, radish and chillies. I harvested a brinjal as big as my hand! Then, the other teams like washing, cutting and cooking teams started their work. After which the teachers, helped by some students, cooked everything. When the food was ready, the aroma of the tomato soup filled the air. It was like something you would get from the best restaurant in the world! When the meal was served, it tasted divine. We petted and fed the farm animals there. It was a lovely experience. – Vignesh

I was in the cutting team. I had to cut tomatoes and ladies finger. We also had a lot of fun playing volleyball in the meantime. We had a healthy and tasty lunch. After lunch, we fed bananas to the goats and bulls. We also played with a cute puppy. This Pick ‘n Cook was really a fun experience and gave us an idea of how to cook healthy food! – Arth