MS Trip to Vadambacheri Village

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On the 15th of December, our class went on a field trip to a small village 40km south east of Coimbatore, called Vadambacheri. We got to experience the lives of the villagers first hand. We learned that every family in the village is dedicated to weaving sarees.

In most villages, the houses are very small, but when we visited these houses, it was a whole different story. Inside each house was one extra-large room exclusively used to house a large contraption decorated with many different coloured, thin, cotton strings called a handloom.

We were then taken to a place where the villagers separated thin cotton strings from a big bundle provided by the manufacturers to the village. A bundle about as long as my forearm and as wide as my palm is big enough to make one saree. Once the cotton strings were separated, we spun them onto small spools using a spinning wheel. One saree requires about 75 such spools.

Next, we inserted one spool into part of the handloom and were taught how to use it. This was followed by a short tour of the village and discovered that it had received a few awards for ‘Saree of the Year’competitions! There was one saree with a print of Mahatma Gandhi and many other freedom fighters on it. It was beautiful.

One kind family cooked us an awesome lunch and made us some fresh lemonade from the lemons harvested just outside their house before sending us on our way. It was amazing!

We learned a lot from that trip but the most important thing was that though machine-made sarees are less expensive than hand-made ones, if you buy a hand-made saree, the whole village shares the benefit as opposed to just one person. The people there were very humble, kind and above all very talented. It was indeed a memorable trip!

-Sonia Colagiuri, Middle School Student.

Few students share their experiences :

“This was an unforgettable visit. Thanks to the villagers who not only allowed us to experience their lives, but also showed us the hidden talents in their hands passed down through generations. We also hope that the culture they are preserving never dies.”

– Jaishree M Devi, Middle School student.


“After we saw the various stages of the weaving, we went to the village temple and a beautiful river. We ate the lunch which they cooked for us with a lot of love. All the villagers were friendly and really kind.”

– Gayathri Tripuraneni, Middle School student.