MS Visits Isha Arogya


“As you can see, this is the place where we make choornam,” the guide explained, “this machine is called the pulveriser. It beats up the herbs and makes them into a powder.”

Choornam? Pulveriser? What do these terms have anything to do with medicine? But, little did I know what was up ahead. The Middle Schoolers visited the Isha Arogya unit in Madampatti on 27th December. Ayurveda and Siddha medicines are being made in this unit. This visit was a part of our Kerala study unit.

A huge white dome with a fan on the top welcomed us. The solar drying unit. “This place is used to dry the raw materials.” First, we were asked to wear blue caps and were led to a room with different barrels containing various medicinal items such as sandalwood, cloves, hibiscus leaves, dried ginger and a million other items which we’ve never heard of. They were actually different parts from different plants – flowers, leaves, seeds, roots and even bark.

We walked to a different room which had tall test tubes and chemicals, reminding  me of our chemistry lab. I surveyed the room and found many machines placed next to each other. I moved my hand on to a weighing machine. Apparantly, it couldn‘t take the weight of my hand and started beeping.

Finally, we saw the most interesting thing in our visit – a small demonstration. All of us pounced on the thick glass door to see the making of something we had never seen before – the filling of capsules with choornam. It was astounding to see how 300 capsules were filled in one shot.

“As a compliment, everyone gets a capsule,” Sundar anna joked.

“No, thank you,” Sahana retorted.

After a short discussion in a huge room, we went back to go on a fun bus ride back to school, chatting and playing games, but mostly just having an amazing time.

– Shravya, Akashmalli Class, Middle School.