MS Visits Turning Point



On the 22nd of December, we boarded our bus and set off on our journey. When we reached our destination, ‘Turning Point’, I was surprised to see tyres, ladders, gears, helmets and ropes waiting for us. We started off with some lame, but funny Jiguja warm ups and then started the real adventure.

We put on our safety gear and helmets and started climbing up the ropes. First, we had to walk across a bridge, and then we had to find our way to the other side by clinging on to the sides of a big net weaved out of ropes. Every platform we went to was the only source of life. We would cling on to the tree and wait for our turn, and then go carefully and slowly. We finished many rides and finally came to the best one ‘zip line’. There were straps and safety gear all over us and we went flying like a bird! Each of us crash-landed on a bumper and then got up.

After all the rope climbing, we finally could put our feet onto the ground! We played some small games and had delicious  ice cream and some sandwiches. We played many other small games that were team-building in nature. For dinner, we filled our tummies with scrumptious pizzas at Dominos. All in all, our first field trip of the term was amazing and different.

Upon asking the opinion of a couple of students about the trip, Athish said, “The low rope activities were pretty easy but the high rope activities were the scariest. I was trembling so much as I completed them. The last part of the high rope was the zip line; as I zipped down the line so did my fear of heights. These activities have helped me get rid of my fear of heights. “

Viveka however, had this to say,”We did the Nitro crossing where there was a pit full of water and there was a rope to

which you hang to get to the other side. It was my turn. Concentrating hard, I pushed myself off the land. Then, almost as I reached the end ‘Splash’, I landed in the freezing water. It was really fun! “


Written by Sahasra, Athish and Viveka