Musical Interlude with Shehnai Maestro Dr. Pramod Prabhashankar Gaikwad



On the 25th of July, we were treated to a very melodic treat by Dr. Pramod Prabhashankar Gaikwad, one of India’s leading Shehnai players. Shri Gaikwad comes from a family that has played this auspicious instrument that is played in temples and at weddings for the past few generations. He presented two short but energetic pieces. The first one was based on the Raag Bhairagi and a prayer to Lord Shiva. Accompanying him on stage were our in-house music teachers, Shri Praveen Mishra and Shri Mark John. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the concert and were amazed at how this short piece of wood could produce such melody. At the end of the concert, Shri Gaikwad mentioned that he felt very fulfilled playing to such an involved audience.