National Mathematics Day – A ‘Mathemagical’ Celebration


On the 22nd of December, IHS commemorated National Mathematics Day with a kaleidoscope of “mathemagical” events. The day included a special assembly, a math exhibition and fun-filled numerical treasure hunt.

In 2012, the then Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh declared December 22nd as National Mathematics Day at a function which commemorated the 125th birth anniversary of Indian mathematician and autodidact Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Fittingly, the day began with a tribute to the life and legacy of Ramanujan. The presentation included a short biography, card tricks based on coding principles and a ‘magic square dance’ featuring Ramanujan’s birth date.

Budding mathematicians from across the school worked feverishly over the preceding weeks to meet the deadline. Students also worked behind the scenes supporting with coordination and logistics.

“The excitement of the students is what inspired me,” shared Dr. Suhas Saha, Head of the Mathematics Department and Co-Coordinator of the event. “I want to make math accessible to everyone – students and teachers.”

“We love mathematics. While teaching, we discovered that many students do not like this subject. We decided to expose students to the beauty and deeper aspects of mathematics. We felt that 22nd December would be an apt day for a mathematical celebration and culmination of student projects,” shared Co-Coordinator and Math Teacher Mrs. Nidhi Tyagi.

The math exhibition-cum-carnival was the highlight of the day. Junior school students gave presentations to their seniors on a variety of concepts using manipulatives and materials from their Montessori classroom and from the Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Centre. The Middle school section included displays on permutations, river crossing puzzles, Collatz conjecture, modular multiplication circles, the tower of Hanoi, the Monty-Hall problem and Piks theorem.

Senior school students focused on cryptography, geometrical marvels, mathematical art displays, puzzles and brain teasers, statistical analyses of school surveys, estimation games, trivia stations on famous mathematicians, and a variety of examples of mathematical application in daily life.

“I used to think of math as a very dry subject,” said class 10 student Abinaya Damodaran, “but after exploring different aspects of math, I realized that there’s so much more to the subject.”

The icing on the cake for all the math aficionados was a mathematical treasure hunt, where students and teachers teamed up for the race to the finish line.

“It’s been more than eight years since I’ve been teaching math and science to Middle School and Senior School students,” said Sivakumar S. “The Math Day was an enriching experience not only for the students, but also for me as well. I’ve learnt a lot in this process.”

Plans are already underway for next year’s celebration.