New Year Celebrations at IHS


IHS brought in the New Year IHS style.

Dinner was sent to each of the houses. Juniors watched ‘The Polar Express’ before heading off to sleep.

Middle and Senior students were keen to stay up and partake in the midnight countdown. A movie marathon was organized beginning just after dinner. Students watched back-to-back movies with an intermission at midnight, at which time they came together for the countdown and a bit of dancing, enjoyed cake and wished one another.

Interested students attended a special midnight Nadha Aradhana at the Dhyanalinga Temple, and brought in the New Year in a more contemplative style.

On the morning of the 1st, as their seniors were snoozing after their late night, the Juniors, who slept early the night before, arose bright and early and went on a field trip to a nearby organic farm, where they prepared a scrumptious meal together. Students took turns cooking, and went on a guided exploratory tour of the farm, which featured a variety of fruits including gauvas, lemons, three types of mangoes, bananas and custard apples.

In the evening, all gathered together for a moonlit dinner.