Of Pawns and Kings



Finally, after a year, Mr. Azikre Gur from Israel, fondly called as Gur anna by all of us, came back to Isha Home School to conduct a chess workshop in Jan-Feb this term. He is a professional chess player and an international master with a FIDE rating. We had many classes with him where we learnt not only strategies like forks, pins, skewers, discoveries and more, but also openings such as Ruy Lopez, Italian game, Scotch gambit and French defence and more. Different games in chess like pawn wars, telepathy chess and crazy chess were also taught to us. He showed us some famous games by legendary chess masters and a full one-and-a-half hour movie on Joshua Waitzkin, an eminent chess player.
After all that we had learnt from him, he wanted to test our skills, so he organized a seven-round tournament that followed a Swiss perfect system. Though I played very carefully, I lost in the final round. I finished in the 9th place among 42 students. We had a great time.
– Arjun Sivakumar, Middle school student.

Here are some of the students’ sharings:
There were seven rounds in the tournament. The first three rounds were led by Anbu. In the fourth round, Karn and Khushi got an edge over Anbu leaving him in third place. The final round was played on the 19th of February. In the end, the standings where: Karn, Suganth and Khushi.
– Suganth, Middle school student.

It was because of his coaching that I managed to win the tournament and I’m proud to say that Gur anna was the person who coached me.
– Karn Varshneya, Middle school student.

In my opinion, Gur anna helped us to learn a lot of spectacular tactics and to understand the game well.
– Ram Satvat, Middle school student.