Pongalo Pongal!


Class 10 students organized this year’s memorable Pongal festivities which spanned over two days. Charming announcements and teasers were posted in the dining luring people to come and experience a taste of tradition.

On the 14th of January, all gathered together in the evening for a class-wise kolam competition. The juniors by far were the most enthusiastic of the lot and demonstrated stellar teamwork.

On the 15th, the newly constructed mandapam near the school entrance was inaugurated. Pongal culturals were held in the open grounds. The Hindustani students opened with a Kannada song ‘Munjaneddu Kumbaranna’ in which a potter describes the blessing that is his work. This was followed by two lively Tamil songs, ‘Vaanam Partha Bhoomi Inge’, a prayer to Mariamman for rain, and ‘Vandiyila Nellu Varum’, a song about the harvest. The program then featured two folk dances – a Tippani dance from the Saurashtra region in Gujarat by the Middle Schoolers and a Tamil folk dance in celebration of a bountiful harvest by Senior School dance students. An on looking cow and her calf added their commentary throughout the program.

Immediately after the program, students gathered on the Pongal grounds to prepare chakkara pongal over an open fire. After the Pongal was ready, a small ceremony was held before the sweet was distributed. Decked in ethnic attire, students spent the rest of the morning taking pictures, dancing and eating sugarcane.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered on the sports ground for traditional village games – chasing a tyre with a stick, slow cycling, tug of war, and various relay races. In keeping with the spirit of Makar Sankranti, interested students also had the opportunity to try their hand in kite flying. To top it off, a moonlight dinner was held in the gardens.