Portrait Drawing with Artist Amit Srivastava


From 27th February until 3rd March, Senior art students from 9th and 11th standards participated in an exciting and challenging 5-day workshop with Mr. Amit Srivastava, which focused on portrait drawing from life. Mr. Srivastava is a classical realist artist specializing in portrait, figure and still life. Based in Delhi, he works in oil, charcoal and graphite. For this workshop the students worked with charcoal on paper, and while all of the students had previously used charcoal, and a few had some experience drawing faces, it was an exciting new experience to work from a live model.  Over the course of 5 days the artist gave demonstrations on how to approach the process of finding proportions and values while honing in on the likeness of the individual face. The workshop offered a great opportunity for heightening the students’ observation skills and was a wonderful exposure to time-tested classical drawing techniques.