Race Day!

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On 20th July, Senior School students who opted for Automobile TED were taken to the Kari Motor Speedway to witness the culminating day of the race for the 2nd Etios Motor Racing (EMR) Trophy, as well as the MRF National Racing Championship. Five students, accompanied by their teacher and an automobile enthusiast visited the speedway.


They share their experience:


When we reached the racetrack around 11:30AM, there was excitement in the air and soon we were rewarded with watching the MRF F1600 race. The truth is, reading about racing is one thing and actually being at the track, experiencing it up, close and live is something else. The sheer speed and the way the drivers handled the bends and the corners got us hooked.


Then, there were five more races of different categories and each race bettered the previous one. We knew a person who was a friend of the EMR driver Advait Deodhar. We settled on a stand really close to the tracks with nice view of a tricky part of the race track and felt the rush of adrenaline with the increasing speed and urgency of each round and cheered for Advait who came first to our delight! And we met him afterwards! It was a wonderful experience to speak to the crew and take pictures with the race-cars and their drivers.


Between the races we were on with our automotive exploration, examining the type of cars, the shape, the size, the features and the detailing that goes into the making of a successful race car.


At the end, we witnessed the final round of the Formula Ford 1600 category – it was awesome to see the dogfight. 16-year-old racing prodigy Tarun Reddy came victorious. It was a memorable day which we’ll cherish for a long time.