RMUN 2016


I take a deep breath and start, “Good morning to all, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Riverside Model UN. I am Janani Sampath and I am the Secretary General for this year’s RMUN….” Many people think being a Secretary General is an easy job, but let me assure you, it is not. I was the Secretary General for this year’s RMUN, which took place in Riverside Public School in Kotagiri. My ‘job’ description was to organize and manage the conference.

For those of you who do not know what MUN is, it stands for Model United Nations. It is a simulation of the United Nations. The Executive Board comes up with topics that are currently trending and relevant to us. The participants are called delegates, and each delegate represents a country that is assigned to her/him. The delegates have to be well-versed with their country’s foreign policy, and under all circumstances they should stand by it.  Delegates should only express their country’s view on the topic and never their own opinion. MUN makes us conscious of what is happening in the world around us and also makes us reflect on our lives. Besides, it helps us in developing countless skills, such as public speaking, leadership qualities, team work, problem solving.

The committees that we had this year were the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) and the United Nation Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). The topic for UNSC was ‘Cyber Warfare: The New Frontier of International Conflict’ and for UNHRC, it was ‘Terrorist Profiling: Xenophobia, Islamophobia and Other Discriminatory Practices and Attitudes.’

We felt that cyber warfare was a topic that needed discussing as in this day and age, we as a generation are more interconnected than ever. We exchange ideas, information and media online. Now, we can conveniently store all our data even on a small USB. On the flip side, all our information is available to be exploited by those who know how. So we felt that it was high time we looked for a solution to this problem to protect our private information. Our hope was that the committee would come up with a practical solution without compromising on our Right to Privacy.

In many western countries, Islamophobia and xenophobia seem to have taken a strong hold on people. This creates bias against Muslims and other minorities. We hoped that the committee would come up with solutions that were suitable for the modern world that would curb these biases.

Twenty-two students, mainly from class 11, along with four teachers attended the conference. We left from school on the 28th of November; the conference happened over two days, the 29th and 30th of November. The conference was hosted by Riverside Public School. On the 29th, the conference started at 9 am and ended by 4:15 pm. After the committee closed for the day, the Riversiders put up a theater performance, an adaptation of the well-known comedy-mystery movie The Pink Panther. After that we had a bonfire, sang songs, danced and had dinner. It was a memorable evening. The next day the committee resumed again by 9am. The 2nd day was full of surprises for the delegates as well as for the Executive Board, because our teachers came up with interesting crises topics for us to solve. The delegates solved the problems that came their way, and even managed to pass a resolution paper!

We closed the conference with a closing ceremony. Each committee had a best delegate and special mention for each of the schools.



  • Special Mention- Vaibhav
  • Best Delegate (shared by)- Sanjay Vardhan and Jai Mittal


  • Special Mention- Srinidhi Meenakshi
  • Best Delegate – Mohan Reddy Gadhe



  • Special Mention- Kevin Anderson
  • Best Delegate- Ryan Sathish


  • Special Mention- Arvind Venkatesh Krishnan
  • Best Delegate (shared by) – Shreya M., Mahima Gupta

This conference overall was an enriching experience. We made lots of new friends and had fun, but we also learned a lot about current affairs, and more importantly got an opportunity to face our fear of public speaking. Though this was my last MUN in school, I am looking forward to participating in more MUN conferences in college.

– Janani Sampath