Sadhguru Jayanthi Celebration.

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On the occasion of Sadhguru Jayanthi, our founder’s birthday, we put together a small cultural program. Among the many endeavours of Sadhguru is to revive tradition and to celebrate India’s rich cultural legacy.  Therefore, we felt it was only apt to put together a taste of tradition.

In most parts of India, folk and tribal dances are performed during every festive occasion. They are an expression of joy and an outpour of verve and vitality. Middle School and Senior School dance students presented three folk dances – one from the Thakur tribe of Maharasthra, the Bagurumba – a beautiful traditional dance of the Bodo people of Assam, and lastly the ever-popular Garba-Raas from Gujarat.

The program opened with a Carnatic song, Govardhana Giridhara, composed by Shri Narayana Theertha in Ragam Darbari Kanada and set to Aadi Taalam. Students also prepared and presented a few of Sadhguru’s favourite songs. The Middle School Choir Club presented Bob Dylan’s iconic song ‘Blowin’ in the Wind.’ The program concluded with students singing ‘Maati Kahe Kumhar Ko’ written by the celebrated Saint Kabir, which was followed by the distribution of sweets.