Sadhguru Jayanti Celebration


3 September – On the occasion of Sadhguru Jayanti, IHS put up a small cultural program. Among the many endeavours of Sadhguru is to revive tradition and to celebrate India’s rich cultural legacy.  Therefore, we felt it was only apt to put together a taste of tradition. The program opened with a Rajasthani folk dance performed by Junior School students to the song ‘Chaudhari’ by Amit Trivedi. This was followed by our seniormost guitar students performing a novel piece which they entitled ‘Whether Weather.’ Carnatic students presented Vizhi Kidaikkuma in Ragam Gowri Manohari and set to Adi Talam. Hindustani students presented an original composition by IHS’s tabla teacher Mishraji entitled ‘Guru Charanome’ set to Raag  Charukeshi and Taal Keharwa. The program concluded with a bhangra by the Junior School boys to ‘Bari Barsi’ by JoSh.