Say It with Art



This term we tried a fresh new presentation for the term-end art exhibit. Applying a jungle theme, we scattered our open spaces with logs on which we showcased the Junior School’s mixed-up paper mache animals. Also on display from the Junior School were playful puppets, camouflage chameleons and xxx.

Middle school studied the famous Austrian Artist Gustav Klimt and created paintings inspired by his style and symbolist approach. They were also introduced to relief clay sculpture.

The 8th graders presented their coconut shell masks inspired by the Cheriyal masks of Andhra Pradesh. They also engaged in a design process where they chose works from famous artists, simplified them and composed their own individual abstract piece.

MS Art Club and TED Illustration, Jewelry Design, Photography and Patchwork work were also on display.

Over all the exhibition was fun-filled, colourful, and fresh.