Senior and Middle School Students Attend MUN Pune

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After two weeks of preparation, when all 12 of us students were fit enough to become Ebola doctors, it was the 28th of January and we finally left for Pune. Since we started from the school at 6am, we had to wake up at 4.45 in the morning and all of us were very tired. The train ride was bland, yet it was seasoned with MUN sessions that were rather slow. Finally, after about 30hours of train ride we reached Pune the next day. We got to the hotel and once we finished refreshing ourselves, we studied Ebola, wrote and rewrote opening speeches and moderated caucuses.

On our first day in Pune, we had breakfast in the hotel and prepared for the conference. That evening, we went to Vidya Valley school, which was also close to nature, just like our school. We attended the opening ceremony of the Indian International Model United Nations 2015, or in short, IIMUN 2015. The audience made me nervous since half of the people were humongous and looked older than us. There were a couple of speeches and a lively dance in the ceremony. After dinner at the hotel, my friends and I worked on our speeches till late in the night. It was well past midnight when we finally slept. The next two days were the big days – The MUN conference. Both the days, I spoke a little, but it was the delegate of the Czech Republic who spoke the most. Although our committee didn’t manage to make a resolution, I absolutely loved my first conference!

– Kaavya Muthuganesan, Middle School student.


To bring out our passion and challenge our talent for debating and speaking some senior school members were given the opportunity to go to Hyderabad for a MUN conference held by Mosaica International School. We were 7 students in all and were split into 2 committees. 4 of us represented the organization of Islamic Co-operation and the other 3 represented ECOSOC discussing robotic employment and the effects on countries with a dependence on manual labor. The two day conference was held in Cyber City Convention Hall. The overall experience of the conference was impeccable. It was a wonderful opportunity to bring to light our capacity. We learnt not only MUN glossary but also to help one another and expose our flair for the talent. We also learnt to become more organized and efficient through this.

– Pravara, Senior School Student.

Some of the students share their experiences:

When I heard that I was going to Pune, I was really excited as it would be my second conference outside of my school. After three hectic days of train rides, preparation and pizza, the conference started. At first, I was clueless about what was going on, but I soon got the hang of it. I was the delegate of Italy and had a lot to say about Ebola, which was our topic. For two whole days, the committee worked towards a solution to the crisis. Unfortunately, we could not vote upon a resolution. But, it was a hectic conference, a great trip, a good learning experience and a lot of fun!

– Arjun Sivakumar, Middle School student.

The MUN conference in Pune was the best experience I’ve ever had in my school. We went to Vidya Valley School to attend this conference. I was in a committee called the WHO on Ebola. I think I performed well and in the end, I achieved fourth place!

– Manoo, Middle School student.

The day we had our first MUN session, it went from 9.30am to 6pm. Our chair helped us in phrasing the motion and explaining when / where / how / why. After a while, we started picking up speed. It eventually went smooth and nice. We made a

lot of speeches and challenges. The second day also went the same way. In the end of the conference, we came up with a resolution.

– Mansiya, Middle School student.

When the conference started, we immediately debated and spoke about our country’s stance on Ebola in the WHO committee. We discussed in mods, forged alliances and blocks, made working papers and challenged over the course of the

two day conference. We had a great time and were disappointed in not passing a resolution. But, overall it was more than AWESOME!

– Nischal Nair, Middle School  student.