A Smile, a Peacock Feather, and a Flute – Janmashtami in IHS



14 August was the day when the vibrant being Krishna was born, and we celebrated this day with cultural performances and pot breaking. The whole school gathered next to Sampangi House at 7 a.m. for the cultural program to begin. Parents of most of the students joined in too.
Some of my friends sang two songs about Krishna. The first song was called Pahi Pahi Jagan Mohana Krishna and the second one was called Krishna Krishna. The songs were beautiful and everyone enjoyed them.
Next, the junior school performed a dance on Krishna Leela or Krishna’s mischief. They showed how Krishna and his friends got up to a lot of mischief in the village. After the show was over we moved on to the pot breaking. Abir was the first one to break a pot. The teachers also tried. Sundar anna was misled and walked 10 meters away from the pot. But finally, Shyamala akka broke the pot with a powerful blow.
Overall I had a lot of fun with the pot breaking.
– Shoan

I was wondering why everyone was wearing tracks and a second later I got my answer. Matki PHOD! My friend Disha and I sprinted back after our performance and dressed into our tracks. By the time we reached the venue, the line was never ending. I didn’t get to break the pot but I cheered on my friends to break one!
The day did not end there, a scrumptious meal of paneer mutter and theplas waited for us in the mesmerizing bluish night, but nothing could beat the delicious custard! – Nitya.

A few of us middle school students dashed to the kitchen and put our nettled caps on. After that, we washed our hands and sat in small circles with big and round plates in the middle. Now, comes the best part, making the cheedai, a salty fried delicacy made of rice flour, offered to Krishna on Janmashtami. It was fun to make little balls out of the sticky dough. As I squished the dough I felt a sigh of relief! The smell was delicious and in the end, when we tasted the cheedai it was scrumptious. I think cheedai making was a fun and great experience. – Srimayyi.