Sports Day 1



In the first term, children are distributed into sports houses named after the great southern kingdoms: Kakatiya, Hoysala, Maratha, and Chola. The excitement surrounding the announcement of sports houses is something everyone should witness! From the youngest students to the oldest teachers, no one is an exception here! Students compete in various team and individual events to earn points for their team. This culminates in the grand final Sports Day where the winning team is awarded the rolling trophy, designed by none other than our founder, Sadhguru.

June the 5th marked the first day of sports events. First up was the Junior School Dodgeball match. Children were up much before the sun and after a bit of warm-up and some words of wisdom from their captains, they were set. All the children needed to hear was the first whistle blow, and they were off dodging, diving, rolling, throwing, and catching. They couldn’t have been stopped! It was such a well-balanced match that one couldn’t sit still till the final whistle was blown and the results announced. Chola and Hoysala beat Kakatiya Maratha 51-45 to have a taste of their first victory. Aariyamaan Rajanikanth was named the player of the match.

Next up was the Middle School Khokho match Chola and Maratha vs Kakatiya and Hoysala. The match started off evenly with the teams 9-8 by the end of the first innings. Kakatiya and Hoysala managed to hold their ground and lost only three players in the second innings. In the last quarter, they needed to get four to tie and five to win. Quite confident that they could win, the players got ready for what they thought would be an easy seven minutes. Little did they anticipate that a cat with nine lives, in the form of Sharath Vishnu, would crush their hopes of an easy victory. Making it look extremely easy, Sharath dodged players one after another, inching away from them milliseconds before they could touch him. With one team shouting with joy every time he gained another life and the other just completely dumbstruck, Sharath managed to last all seven minutes taking his team, Chola and Maratha, to an unbelievable victory! No prizes to guess who the player of the match was!

Finally, it was time for the Senior School football match (Chola Hoysala vs Kakatiya Maratha). To say that it was a nerve racking game would be an understatement! The teams were tied 1-1 at half time. Neither team was willing to give in and halfway through the second half, the teams were tied 2-2 with some exceptional midfield goals. With the clock ticking it seemed like it was headed for a penalty shootout till Kakatiya Maratha managed to score a goal with minutes left to spare. Aravind was awarded the player of the match.

After an eventful first day the scores are as follows:
Maratha: 45
Chola: 45
Hoysala: 25
Kakatiya: 20