Sports Day 3



Ideal climatic conditions greeted both fans and players alike for the middle school football match on yet another picture-perfect Sunday morning at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. Kakatiya/Hoysala got off to a quick start by scoring an early goal. Being the physically dominant team, they tried to ‘park the bus’ after that to defend their slender lead. Maratha/Chola attempted to fiercely break the defence, with some marvellous passes but failed to equalize till the last few minutes of play time when the ball finally found the back of the net. The game would be decided by penalties from which Kakatiya/Hoysala emerged victorious.

The second event – the senior boys volleyball match was played in Vajra (our new indoor stadium). Maratha/Hoysala vs Chola/Kakatiya battled it out in a hard fought match. Marahta/Hoysala overpowered their opposition and eventually cruised through the third set, securing the points for their teams.

The concluding event of the day was the senior school girl’s dodge ball. Maratha/Hoysala was pitted against Kakatiya/Chola once again. Maratha/Hoysala got off to a quick start and kept a stranglehold throughout the match never giving
Kakatiya/Chola a chance to gain any sort of momentum. Maratha/Hoysala never seriously threatened in the match, bagged an easy victory and could celebrate a successful Sunday for their teams.

At the end of the third Sports Day here are the scores:
Hoysala -140
Maratha -140
Chola -65
Kakatiya – 60