Sports Fest – Day 4

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Sports Fest’s Day 4 featured our junior students playing a mixed Kho -Kho match. After several postponements due to last weeks’s large amount of precipitation, the court was just dry enough to play on when the starting whistle blew. Our youngsters went at it with much zeal and were vociferously supported by their older team members. ¬†The match ended with Hoysala-Chola emerging victoriously with a 5 point difference.

The second event of the day had the combined team of Hoysala/Kakatiya pitted  against Maratha/Chola in the long awaited senior girls volleyball match. The girls have trained hard over the last few months and their efforts have surely paid off. We witnessed a strong performance by Hoysala/Kakatiya sweeping their opposition in 2 sets.

House Points
Kakatiya 95
Hoysala 85
Maratha 70
Chola 65