Students Explore Abhinaya with Smt Anupama Naveen

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On June 8, distinguished dancer Smt. Anupama Naveen presented a lecture-cum-demo on bharatanatyam during the morning assembly. She spoke about the aspect of abhinaya (expression) in detail and opened the floor to questions. She shared about her training, practice regiment and other anecdotes from her life. She also conducted a workshop for interested middle and senior school students. Smt. Anupama runs a bharatanatyam school called Nritya Dhara in Pune and has propagated the art form both in India and abroad. She is a danseuse as well as a fitness enthusiast. She is a trained aerobics instructor and personal trainer from Reebok and K11. She is also trained in yoga from Kaivalyadham Health and Yoga Research Center in Lonavala.