Guest Interaction with Tabla Artist Mr. Rahul Pophali


On the 26th of December, the students had the privilege of meeting, Mr. Rahul Pophali, a professional tabla player who has been practicing his art form for more than twenty-seven years.
He started his initial training at the age of 10, after he got inspired by watching Ustad Zakir Hussain on a television show. He initially trained under Pandit Raghonath Agashe after which he furthered his training under the mentorship of Pandit Nishikanth Barodekar and still continues to do so, in the Punjab Gharana. His professional career debut was at the age of 19 and since then he has performed in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Dubai and many other places. He has collaborated with many artists from different genres including Folk, Rock, Flamenco, Electronic, Jazz and World Fusion.
Mr. Rahul Pophali conducted a lec-dem assembly during which time he introduced to the audience to the language and intricacies of the tabla. He mesmerized the audience as he went back and forth between reciting the tabla bol pattern and demonstrating the corresponding fingering.
Through variations in strokes, he was able to convey a conversation. Mr. Pophali also conducted a tabla workshop for select students, and furthered their understanding and appreciation of the instrument.