Take Me Out to the Circus



It was class as usual for the juniors on the 17th of July, till right after lunch, when a meeting was called for and it was revealed that we were going to the circus!

The energy was buzzing as we made our way to the venue, where shortly after getting seated, the performance began. There was a juggler throwing all kinds of things in the air, catching and releasing them with rhythm and grace; acrobats jumping up and down while doing impossible feats with their bodies!

Just as they returned behind the curtains, a few clowns walked around, creating a wave of excitement among the little ones. Sanjana, Kenzie, Nirav, Dharane, and Sarvesh were all called up onto the stage. They were to be the stars of the next performance! “Usually I am scared of clowns, but these clowns were the good ones,” said Sanjana, after she performed an applaudable feat of jumping ropes!

Dangerous stunts proceeded, with a few performers balancing their body weight on sharp spears, bikers riding upside down in a steel sphere, and the trapeze artists flying in the air from one bar to another! The show ended with great applause from the juniors, some secretly wishing to attempt the stunts they had just seen.