A Taste of Kerala  

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IHS students experienced a taste of Kerala culture as they celebrated Onam. Onam, a traditional 10-day harvest festival, is a festival rich in culture and heritage. Malayalis, the world over, celebrate this festival with traditional fervour and gaiety, which includes festive rituals, traditional cuisine, dance and music.

In a small way,​ ​IHS​ observed this colourful festival by incorporating ​a​ few of these ​tradition​al elements. Perhaps one of the most visible and beautiful elements is the pookalam, an intricately designed carpet of flowers. Students helped in preparing the petals, designing and arranging an exquisite floral rangoli.

A special lunch was prepared – Onam Sadya – which is a lavish feast served on a plantain leaf.  The feast featured traditional recipes such as avial, puli inji, olan, pulissery, sambar, rasam, papadam and sweet paal payasam. Several teachers came dressed in traditional wear – men wore mundu veshtis (white dhotis with golden or colourful borders) and women wore set sarees or kasav sarees (white sarees with golden borders). All ate to their heart’s content and enjoyed the riot of colour.