Taste of Tradition: Junior School Students Visit Isha Ruchi

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Junior School students visited the Isha Ruchi production unit. Isha Ruchi, an Isha Business venture, is a manufacturer of wholesome snacks, nutritious porridges (kanjis), tiffin mixes and pickles.

Students saw and participated in the processing and packaging of its signature Sanjeevini kanji, which is a unique combination of five cereals and three grams​ – a regular feature in IHS dining.They were told about the importance of healthy eating and introduced to traditional grains, spices and condiments that have long been part of the Indian cuisine.  After a tour of the unit, they were treated to ragi and multi-grain cookies.

Through this experience, students were able to get a bigger picture of the story of where their food comes from ​and gain a deeper appreciation for indigenous food and traditional recipes.