Teacher’s Day at IHS

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September 5th marks an exciting day of the year for teachers at Isha Home School. Many look forward to having roughly twelve hours to themselves as senior students take up the reins of house parenting, teaching classes and other organisational activities. It’s also a day for appreciating efforts and acknowledging talents on both sides. Students revel in giving teachers next impossible test questions and performance tasks and teachers go along with the fun and spirit of the affair. The highlight is the cultural program which culminates the celebration. This year, the program featured live music, dancing, original advertisements, a Just A Minute (JAM) speaking contest, and several creative skits including a modern day version of Sita’s abduction from the Ramanaya and a Bollywood twist to Draupadi’s swayamvara. The ad that stood out was a hair-fall ad which students cleverly created using the theme song from the James Bond movie, Skyfall. Some teachers learned the “Hoedown Throwdown” dance and enthusiastically dressed up in Western outfits for their performance. The evening also included a rap competition full of dancing and “attitude”. The students concluded with a “dub-smash” where they superimposed movie dialogue over teachers enactments of scenes. The result was a hilarious ending to a great day.